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vTelemetry PRO

Real-time telemetry data acquisition and analysis

vTelemetry PRO is an innovative software for the acquisition and analysis in real-time of telemetry data exported from the best simulation software on the market. Designed for professional applications, vTelemetry PRO is able to acquire up to 58 channels in real-time, viewing all data in appropriate vector graphics, with "x-axis" assignable in relation to time or distance traveled, for a perfect and immediate reading of the acquired data. The high sampling and acquisition rates provide an unprecedented definition with the use of a double "circular buffer" applied both in packets transmission and reception, complete the unique characteristics of vTelemetry PRO making it a point of reference in the field. The analysis of telemetry data in post processing is facilitated by a dedicated section for multiple laps comparison with the overlay technology, enabling simultaneous recording of a driving session and comparison/analysis of one or more sessions. The vTelemetry PRO software also includes a system for recording video files from the driving sessions with automatic synchronization of the audio/video stream with the telemetry data. The system allows the video capture from external video devices such as webcams, analog and digital cameras in full HD resolution up to 60 fps (1920x1080@60p) through a dedicated video capture device, available in both PCIe and USB3 format.




vTelemetry PRO is currently compatible with the simulators listed below, different plugins are available on request: - rFactor - rFactor 2 - Assetto Corsa - Project CARS


Real Time Acquisition and Post-Processing AnalysisAcquire and display basic and complex telemetry data in real time, create new session and record full data with lap timing for future analysis in post-processing on a dedicated window, open multiple laps from different sessions and display their data with the overlay technology. Analyse your data in full detailed graphs with a very high acquisition rate (100 Hz) and fastest sampling rate of 360 Hz. Even the smallest details are important for us.


Data NetworkingBroadcast your data in your local area network through the dedicated vTelemetry PRO server application. You can record and analyse the telemetry data on a dedicated PC while the simulation software runs in a different machine. Easy, without any hard and long configurations.


Video CaptureCapture Full HD (1920x1080 at 60fps) videos from external camcorders through a dedicated capture device (USB 3.0 or PCIe) controlled directly by the vTelemetry PRO software. The video playback is automatically synchronised with your telemetry data to get a full view aswell than a very complete analysis.


Advanced FunctionalitiesWatch the car position on track live as a marker on a vector based map automatically created by the software, without any additional procedure or manual building. One of the most important aspects for a good lap and performance analysis is the tyres behavior on track in different conditions. We have integrated an advanced display to show all the required paramaters like the tire temperatures acquired in three different zones of the tire tread surface (left, center, right) with thermal colors and floating numeric values, tire pressure, wheel rotation speed, tire grip fraction, brake temperature and dampers height.

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